We offer a wide range of advanced diagnostic tools and imaging in the office.

Pulmonary Function Test

Lung function is measured in a state-of-the-art pulmonary plethysmograph machine located within our office. Our advanced-practice respiratory therapist conducts this non-invasive testing within 30 minutes and we provide same-day interpretation by our accredited pulmonologists.

Lung Cancer Screening

A new advanced diagnostic program for patients 55-77 years of age with a history of smoking who are interested in participating in a lung cancer screening counseling appointment with our board-certified pulmonologists. During this shared decision making visit, patients will receive counseling on the importance of annual lung cancer LDCT screenings and other appropriate diagnostic testing in order to monitor lung health, and either rule out cancer or diagnose it during the early stages. Proper diagnosis during the early stages allows the patient to receive the best care and treatment.


Our qualified phlebotomists provide in-office blood draws to help practitioners closely monitor our patients when needed.

Simple Pulmonary Stress Testing

This in office measure of a patient’s stamina and oxygen needs provides invaluable information to physicians when they are diagnosing and treating various pulmonary conditions.

Polysomnogram (Sleep Study)

This invaluable test is becoming a mainstay in pulmonary and sleep evaluation. We are now able to provide home sleep studies where our trained sleep coordinator provides instruction on how to complete this test in the privacy of the patient’s home. As with the in-lab sleep studies, traditionally offered through the Palmetto Health Richland Sleep Lab, a board-certified sleep specialist will interpret the study and have results available quickly.